Nzongo Sila-Ndunda (Sila) has served in literacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo for nearly 30 years.  Sila assisted LEI missionaries in DR Congo (previously Zaire) and helped to develop Bible-content literacy materials before he began serving as a missionary with Literacy & Evangelism International.  This ministry has resulted in over 1,250,000 learning to read.  Sila reports that 82% of the new readers accept Jesus as their Savior. There are nearly 10,000 teachers and over 600 supervisors/coordinators in different areas.  Sila has developed literacy materials in several languages for the country and also helps LEI in other countries.   Sila, his wife Marthe, and their son along with other leaders and those being mentored hope to soon reach a goal of 2 million new readers in this very needy country.